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  • To have the dedication to breed Shih Tzu of true type that we believe conform to the standard, and remain distinct regardless of the fashion in vogue at any given time; And to have the ability to shake off the disappointments. To stay focused and never be satisfied or become complacent that the perfect dog has been bred, there is always room for improvement.


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  • 01.08.21


    Still in lockdown with no shows :(



    "Paloma" HASHANAH PANTOMIME wins BEST OF BREED Sydney Royal 2021 from the Puppy Class... She later went on to win BEST PUPPY IN GROUP here also...


Judy Franks
HASHANAH was established by Judy Franks (Birmingham, UK) in 1982 with the vision to breed Shih Tzu as near to perfection as possible, whilst keeping to the current English Standard.

The result is distinctive Shih Tzu who are not only recognisable by their superb head pieces, unparalleled high-set teapot tails, melting oriental expression, and finish of faces that ooze width; but also their uniformity in size, overall type, eye-catching markings and intense everlasting colours. The Hashanah trademarks are breed balance, head carriage and effortless "floating" movement.

As a breeder, Judy was influenced by two historically significant kennels, namely the famous GREENMOSS Shih Tzu breeders Jeanne and Arnold Leadbitter, and Jean Blyth of SAXONSPRINGS Lhasa Apso fame. It has been through owning and understanding both breeds that has facilitated seeking perfection in each of them. During Judy's involvement in Dogs, Hashanah has been Shih Tzu TOP BREEDER (UK) totalling a 14 year period, and topping the Utility Group overall for 3 of those years, spanning 7 TOP DOG's in the breed, two of which were Record Holders with another just missing the title short.

The current Bitch CC Record Holder (UK) is the coveted BISS Eng Ch Hashanah Flashpoint.

Judy's other love, the Lhasa Apso, are well documented also. Having been Lhasa Apso TOP BREEDER (UK) also, it is no surprise that the Hashanah affix has taken center stage again through her Apso's.

Between both breeds, Hashanah dogs have won in excess of 220 CC ´s and at least 182 Res CC´s, and with unmatched Utility Group winning successes, these factors combine to make Hashanah the TOP WINNING Shih Tzu kennel of ALL TIMES in the UK! There have been multi CC and BOB winners at CRUFTS. A total of 26 English Champions so far, many of these winning far more than the required 3 CC´s to title, encompassing many Group winners, Specialty & All Breed's Best In Show. Not included in this are the other Hashanah's who have gained the titles of International, Australian, Japanese, Swedish, Austrian and Irish Championships and so on.

Hashanah dogs have evoked a reputation as being some of the finest within the breed, and as a result, have been much sought after throughout the UK and indeed the world over; however Hashanah prides itself on it's exclusivity, and will never succumb to commercialisation nor satisfy indiscrimate interest.

With parallel views with regard to the breed, in 2006, and with continued mentoring from Judy, it was decided that the Hashanah legacy would continue "Down Under" through the work of Phillip "Pip" Poulton (NSW, Australia), who was given the honour of the exclusive breeders signature.

Phillip already had a longstanding and international respect within the Japanese Chin breed, piloting dogs to all levels within Australia. To date his co-owned BIS BISS Aust Grand Ch Homerbrent Daizin (Imp UK) is the only Chin to ever attain N#1 All Breed's status anywhere in the world, not excluding many other homebred BIS BISS winners, including the only foreign bred Chin to win a Group 1st in the breeds country of origin, Japan. It was whilst attending a Japanese Chin Specialty in the UK in August 2000 that he was able to first spend time with Judy. An afternoon in Judy's company, surrounded by her Hashanah's, became an awe inspiring and defining moment. This moment was not only a unique educational experience, but also a catalyst for the development of an inspirational and longstanding friendship.

With Hashanah breeding as a foundation, under the PASHONS affix previously, Phillip had bred many Champions who were multi Group, Reserve Best In Show, Best In Show, Specialty & Royal CC winners.

And so the Hashanah legacy continues...