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  • For general enquires, please use the contact form provided below:

  • PHILLIP is approved to judge the following Breeds at Championship Show level;

    TOYS Affenpinscher¸ Australian Silky Terrier¸ Bichon Frisé¸ Cavalier King Charles Spaniel¸ Chihuahua (Long Coat)¸ Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)¸ Chinese Crested Dog; English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)¸ Griffon Bruxellois¸ Havanese¸ Italian Greyhound¸ ***Japanese Chin***¸ King Charles Spaniel¸ Lowchen¸ Maltese¸ Miniature Pinscher¸ Papillon¸ Pekingese¸ Pomeranian¸ Pug¸ Tibetan Spaniel¸ Yorkshire Terrier.

  • NON-SPORTING Boston Terrier¸ British Bulldog¸ Canaan Dog¸ Chow Chow¸ Dalmatian¸ Eurasier¸ French Bulldog¸ German Spitz (Mittel)¸ German Spitz (Klein)¸ Japanese Spitz¸ Keeshond¸ Lhasa Apso¸ Poodle (Standard)¸ Poodle (Miniature)¸ Poodle (Toy)¸ Schipperke¸ Shar Pei¸ ***Shih Tzu***¸ Tibetan Terrier.

  • If your Club is interested in future judging assignments, please use the simple Contact Form provided to the left, to address your query.